Architectural design

As an architectural company, we provide all architectural design services professionally. You do not need to spend a lot of time and money to go to several different companies to do different parts of your work. By providing facilities and services and gathering skilled and experienced designers, we guarantee all architectural design services, including preparing the mood board even if you don’t have an idea, presenting creative ideas on the subject of the design, and preparing hand-drawn sketches of ideas and turning them into drawings and modeling them into a 3D software for better and easier understanding. We will be giving you different alternatives according to your request, as well as designing plans, facades, reconstruction plans, and even architectural advice in each of the above areas. We will be right by your side from the beginning to the end of the project.
We have a great proposal for a better offer and selling of your property. The good news is that all of the above-mentioned services will be provided at a low cost.
To use all these services, all you have to do is contact us via an email and express your needs.

Interior/Exterior design

CGI (Computer Generated Image) is a powerful tool for conveying design concepts and getting eye-catching visuals for Architect and pre-selling real estate, etc.
We create professional architectural visualization of exterior and interiors to come to life before the construction is even scheduled.
3D renderings allow your ideas to be transformed from a mental image into reality and also be understandable to everyone.
Showing how different spaces are placed together, how the furniture is arranged in each space, materials, textures, colors, lights, decoration choices, etc. Based on a mental image but as reality, it can be very useful and practical for all kinds of jobs. It is a great asset for marketing.


By reviving the design and details as a film, we bring your mental idea to life, and you can see the space with a short film with the details or use it for advertising. This idea also shows how the layout of a space is or how to install the fittings of a product that has tremendous uses. You as a designer can show the installation and the use of your product to your audience. This visual tool is also used as a competitive advantage for real estate marketing.

Product Design

If you are a manufacturer or an industrial designer, our services will benefit you. You can use our 3D renders as real images as a way to advertise your product before producing and presenting it to the market in full, at a much lower cost than the professional photograph of the products. Before mass production of your product you will be warned of social feedback on your design and to modify your plans and designs as needed to get the best results. Then you will advertise your product on social media and people will pre-purchase it.


We perform all 2D design services from the beginning and Phase 0 drawings to Phase 2 execution drawings using the most up-to-date standard drawing principles. Our accuracy in drawing protects you from wasting time and excessive costs. You will be relieved that all the drawings are executable and accurate. By carefully examining and drawing the maps, we will warn you of the points that may be of a problem in the implementation, and we will save you from the exorbitant costs of the components, demolition, or repair. A distinguishing feature that sets us apart from other partner companies, is accuracy and the ability to accurately analyze maps.

Graphic design

Our White sock designers use their creative experts in the field of graphics, all graphic designs including advertising film design, design of architectural sheets for students and executive projects, business card designs, corporate designs (logo), typography, and banner designs, all will be done for you and it will completely meet your advertising needs.

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3D Modeling & Clay rendering


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Materials & Textures


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Post pro & Final delivery


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Project Summary Survey

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I am very pleased and proud of the product White Socks Designers created for my company. He was very patient, and made sure that he understood the vision I had for our commercial, and brought that vision to life. I had numerous questions, as this was a first for me, and they answered each question to make sure I felt comfortable. The product he delivered was excellent quality, he included all the revisions I requested with no issues. I will certainly be collaborating with him again on future endeavors.
Slava Oganesian
Wow! I couldn't be happier with the excellent work done by White Socks Designers Group! Through minor revisions and just helping me get things right, they went above and beyond and did a stellar job! They took my "vision" and made it a reality! I highly recommend them! I hope you use them for your next project, I know that I will!
Henry Rosenberg
Excellent people to work with, they have been responsive and finished the project ahead of schedule. Great company to work with.
Daniel Bautista
Excellent communication. They made sure we were satisfied with everything, highly recommend them. I have already given them a second project!
Ronald Renner
They were perfect and never complained with minor changes. They actually listened a million times more than any other designers that I’ve ever hired here. First time in history that I didn’t have to argue or dispute a project here. They fully understood every point and completed their part as long as I completed my part which was timely milestone payments which were never a problem with me. They did a great job at a price that I could afford.
Christina Archer
I worked with Ideal Architects to deliver a 3D design for a cafe, she was amazing I'm really speechless, she delivered the work even before the time, I gave her comments and feedback on the design but she didn't complain.she was very happy to edit. Definitely I will work with her again. Thank you.
Diana Barkin